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The party dress styles to be seen in this summer

One style of dress lets designers use their creative freedom more than any other – and that’s the party dress. Its wearer is usually going to put on such a dress when they are out to have a good time, so they will want to feel their best when they slip it on.

As a result, one of the main fundamentals of a good party dress design, which has been adhered to over many years, has been that a dress makes the woman who wears it feel good.
But aside from that, the party dresses which emerge every season have very few common rules which bind them together.

During the warmer times of year, the overriding rule of party dress wearing is to put on something with lots of sequins and dazzly bits.

But things are a lot more varied during the warmer seasons, as you can be more free to experiment with colours and designs. That said, as we emerge from winter, there seems an overriding temptation to adopt a ‘halfway house’ approach and go for soft pastels. But if you want to be noticed, this is more likely to leave you blending into the background, wallflower style.

There are, however, three big trends which look set to be ahead of all the others for party dresses over the summer to come.

The first is good old monochrome. Thanks to that fashion icon Beyonce rocking a black-and-white movie star look when she appeared at the Grammys in February, the world of blacks, whites and all the grey shades in between looks set to be big for the rest of the year. Many fashion experts reckon this is a tough look to pull off successfully, but if you don’t fancy going down the black route and risking looking like a goth out of water, you can go to the other extreme and go heavy on the whites. The main advice with this one though is to watch out for those pesky grass stains at your barbecue!
A key trend which is also feeding into the ranges of summer dresses now hitting the racks is for them to have lots of volume built into them. Wide sleeves, accentuated hips and multi-layered styles are all bang on trend – probably in the light of designers finally realising that the sun doesn’t suddenly start shining non-stop once March arrives.

Another trend which is often recycled once we see the first glimpses of the sun and it starts to become obvious that the days are lengthening is the 60s look – this year is no exception.
Bold, bright print dresses are all over the place this spring, and to go along with the improving weather, hemlines are also rising, so once again you could always ask your mum for pointers.
Finally, The Oscars had taken place just a few days before this piece was written, and key trends emerging from the annual red carpet fashion parade include lots of metallics, as well as dresses cut to show off the wearer’s legs. So try these if you dare this summer!

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