Home Warranty Plans For Different Properties- An Outline

Almost all the top home warranty companies offer a wide range of home warranty plans; each of them offers different types of coverage. This article offers the readers a common idea of the things that the homeowners can expect to find in this type of coverage.

The basic home warranty coverage is offered on the items like:

  1. Oven/range
  2. Plumbing system
  3. Exhaust fans
  4. Dishwasher
  5. Sump pump
  6. Garbage disposal
  7. Ceiling fans
  8. Water heater
  9. In-built microwave
  10. Electrical and heating system components
  11. Whirlpool tub

The extended home warranty coverage is offered on the items like:

  1. Dryer/washer
  2. AC
  3. Garage door opener
  4. Refrigerator

Optional home warranty coverage is offered on the items like:

  1. Well pump
  2. Pool
  3. Spa
  4. Central vacuum
  5. Standalone freezer
  6. Septic system

Home warranty coverage for the newly built homes:

The majority of the states need that all the contractors and home builders warranty the work on the newly constructed homes. It offers the property buyers the assurance that in case of any major repair or defect in the new home, which is not caused by the property owner, the builder will take the responsibility.

Home warranty coverage for the pre-existing homes:

Even while investing in the pre-existing homes, the buyers can select to purchase home warranty coverage. This will offer them necessary coverage against all the repair and replacement costs, which may required with the existing appliances or mechanical systems in the homes within a specific timeframe following the date of purchase. Here almost all the major mechanical systems like electrical, air, heating and plumbing are covered.

For the seller solutions:


Homeowners, who are planning to sell off their homes, may like to consider the benefits of offering home warranty on the homes. In this case, the seller either can choose to pay for the coverage or can ask the property buyer to pay a certain percentage of the total cost. By adding home warranty protection on the homes, the home sellers can get maximum values for their homes and can get relieved from the further obligations associated with repairing or replacing any system in the homes once those are sold. Apart from that, these warranties can also be purchased through independent home warranty providers through the real estate agent, who will deal with the paperwork or as per the preference of both the buyer and seller.

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